Aberration Nexus is an one man band from Australia that, ignoring its origines, plays Norwegian Black Metal, with various influences. "Libro Iacet" sounds really oppressive. Everything begins with “Rite of Eternal Dominion”, which gives a threat to you with its keyboard atmospheres. Well done. These will be the last quiet moment till the next twenty minutes. Blast beat and reckless double bass without mercy and very few slow stops: this is the recipe of Aberration Nexus and this is probably the weakness of this EP, by my point of view. Only bet on speed may get the listened bored: it is not easy to be original when the focus is to massacre the eardrums of the listener. It may look like a clichè, but it's not at all. The tracks of this album are virtually interchangeable with each other. This is a symptom of lack of variety, with the exception of the aforementioned opening track and the final "Graced with Darkness" with its Gregorian chants to ferry the listener towards the end. What saves the final result is the length of the ep, that allows you to not get tired excessively. But come on... The advantages are there! Keep in mind that this ep is a first test and can be classified as totally homemade. The malignancy of the atmosphere is real and will delight every blackster. Also the production is successful, sharp and icy as the Norwegian school requires, while differing for great clearness and a more modern setting. In short: "Libro Iacet" is a great business card for Aberration Nexus and listening is recommended for any lover of Black Metal and similar.

RATING: 6,5/10


Translator: -Edoardo Napoli-


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