Good morning and welcome to Sadik Underground Review! First of all we want to ask you, how your band was born? 

(Waldo): Hello and thank you for this opportunity. The project started in 2009 with the idea of creating soul touching melodies with a very minimalistic approach. Since the beginning, my wife and I began experimenting with different amplifiers, effects, and guitars, to really try to emulate the sound that always dwelled within us. We also wanted to be able to reproduce it during live shows. Living literally minutes away from the Mexican border, the band started recruiting members from several acts across the border. That’s when Nethermost really began to take shape. During those times we recorded several tracks but we were never satisfied with the outcome. We never publicly released those recordings, but it was a great learning experience which paved the way for the “Alpha” EP. 

(John): Good Morning! The whole concept of the band Nethermost was originally formed by the guitarists: Cinthya and Waldo Rocha. I entered into the band about 2 and a half years after it’s beginning.

What would you like to communicate with your music in the first years? Did you want to communicate the same things you believe in now?

(Waldo): Nethermost has always been about breaking the doctrine that keeps us blind and vulnerable. This is the lies that are regurgitated daily, to maintain us in line, and to erase any possibility of us having critical thinking. With our music, we explore different ways to stay connected with the universe, while being in a constant state of rapture. Those notes you hear are nothing but the call to universal truth and enlightenment. They are constantly released through-out the hypnotic states of mind that we are bombarded with at the time of the writing process. 

(John): In the first years, and in previous bands, I spoke about occult situations and the apocalypse. Now, the music of Nethermost paves the way for me to present the big picture of how I’ve seen the past, present, and future of the universe as a whole.  

Listening to your album I liked very much the wonderful atmospheres that you can create. How did you get them? I mean,how do you compose all your songs? Is there a particular method to compose to you? 

(Waldo): First of all, I am really happy that you understand and enjoy what we have to offer. Going back to your question, there’s really no method to our music. I’d say it is all about being in the right channel with the appropriate ambience to let our thoughts speak for themselves. More than sonic structures, I usually believe Nethermost is more of a place to be in whenever we decide to roam freely without any restrains. It is always a great feeling to be around musicians that are exactly on the right track to create all the necessary vibes to divagate in this place we love to be. 

(John): Waldo and Cinthya create the music themselves. Then we get together to rehearse the material. I listen to the music and attempt to connect it with it’s meaning; what the notes are trying to communicate. Then I can brainstorm the direction towards the concept that the music is headed. I begin to piece together the words and ideas that emanate from the music. We also speak about the subjects to better understand and assure a proper consensus for the lyrical theme.

Your album deals about nature, elements and their influences. Do you follow some your ideas, philosophies or religion to speak about all this interesting arguments?

(Waldo): The message within our music should be regarded as a universal voice inviting the listener to travel to that distant world painted by the enchanting melodies, that comes by every time we find that special ghost that whispers to our ears. Clearly, our focal point is to stay in that place as long as we can, so once we conquer the concrete wall that blocks our vision with ordinary things that keep us chained to our daily life, we truly let our energy roam freely through the vastness of space. We let it speak and that translates into the sonic structure of our songs. No set of religious beliefs will get you there if you ask me.

(John): It is without a doubt, a natural feeling of what life really means. By taking the time to understand and feel where we are at, only then can we project these thoughts and ideas. In other words, most people don’t take the time to feel and understand what’s really around us, as there is much more than meets the eye. None of us know for sure what lies beyond this ground, but by being able, or trying to deeply connect with our surroundings, we can begin to communicate what it means to us.

I liked your album but it sounded a little incomplete and I noticed that the riffs are almost all similar, because of the costant Shoegaze riffs. As you told me many months ago, every lyric of all the songs are all strictly similar and you consider the whole EP like a unic song split up in 4 "acts". Can you explain this? Why you chose this? 

(Waldo): Shoegaze riffs, that’s actually an interesting word to use for our music. I’ve never thought of that to tell you the truth. With “Alpha,” we experimented with monotonous yet hypnotic licks to let your head spin into an obscure yet comfortable part of the mind you rarely touch with your everyday life. We basically chose this writing method, because it is what came to us involuntarily, and we decided not to put too much fight into the subject in order to let the inner being speak. That’s the most important part of it.

(John): When I first joined Nethermost, I listened to these songs and felt something different in each one, but felt the same for all 4. It felt as if each song was interconnected and invoking different spiritual forces.

What would you like to reach in your musical career? 

(Waldo): Our main goal right now is to keep making music as much as we can. Unfortunately we don’t have too much time right now because of our daily schedules and having to keep up with our personal lives. But, we do dedicate a day a week to the band to rehearse and to discuss about any plans. 

(John): Just being able to continue doing what we do is a great thing. There are no specific set goals that we have besides wanting to improve our sound, produce albums, and continue to communicate that material to the world.

You have announced that in this period you are writing also some new songs for a new LP. Well, how do you think about them? There is any change in your style? Can you give us any preview or a short description of the new tracks? 

(Waldo): The LP that we are preparing at the moment will consist of 9 tracks, some of them incorporating new elements to the mix. With “Alpha” we liked the atmosphere but we feel that the quality of the sound should be definitely improved, and that’s exactly what we are trying to accomplish with this new album. Everything should be completed by the end of the year. 

(John): We have been steadily working on the production of the first Nethermost LP. The songs showcase more of a variety of our primary influences, that flow in the realms of what you previously heard in the Alpha EP. For the forthcoming LP, there is no drastic change in style, but there is more fluctuation in the flow of the songs. The lyrical theme for the new tracks continues from Alpha, but begins to steer in a different direction, while covering a more specific subject matter.

Is there something you would like to say here? Any announce for your fans?

(Waldo): To all people curious about our new material; we might have a rough mix of one of our new tracks available soon through our page. Please keep in touch for updates. I am pretty sure you guys are going to like this stuff.

(John): The support that we have received so far is more than we deserve, and we greatly appreciate that! We ourselves are fans of this music before anything, and that is our primary force and will in Nethermost!

Well, the interview is finished and we thank you for your availability,the review will be published in some months and we want you to write the last greetings. Congratulations for your triffic musical career.

(Waldo): Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a pleasure for us being part of this interview. Keep up the good work. 

(John): Thank you Sadik Underground for taking the time to prepare and speak with us!

Interview by -SADIK-
Translation by -Fedevil-

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